Rolls Royce Essay

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Let’s go fast in luxury and style! The Rolls Royce is the best car on the roads today, and I am going to prove it to you! From the layout of the car, to the performance of the car, and on to the luxury of the car, and just a few interesting facts about the Rolls Royce, this is how I will tell you that the Rolls Royce is, without a doubt, the best car on the roads today! So to begin, I will start of by informing you of a few very interesting facts about the Rolls Royce! Most people believe that Rolls Royce’s are a thing of the past, and that they are luxury cars of the past and in today’s world they are no better than a plain Jane! I am sorry but they are beyond wrong! Today, the Rolls Royce is better and smarter than it ever has been, from its W12 engine to its valve stems there is nothing about this car that people would dislike. I did an analysis on November 22, 2011 that showed only seven out of ten people know what a Rolls Royce is, and out of those same ten people, nobody knew anything about them! I was almost heartbroken! Did you know that more than 150 of our most idolized celebrities own some type of Rolls Royce? It’s true, singers like John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Brittany Spears, P Diddy and actors like Eddy Murphy, Nicholas Cage and also sports stars like David Beckham! So many own these amazing vehicles! These vehicles are stock with more options than you can get when you buy a fully loaded luxurious car! They have umbrellas in each door, real leather interior, cashmere headliner and much, much more that I will get to later! Now I’ll tell you a little about the performance and layout of this outstanding machine! The Rolls Royce has a 6.6 W12 engine that puts out more power than any everyday car or truck! It also contains more power than a lot of well known sports cars like the Bentley Continental, the Porsche 911, the famous Ferrari, and best of
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