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Rolling in Ecstasy: MDMA Use in the United States Many people may find it difficult to believe that a drug claimed to be able to kill within one usage actually is beneficial and safe for treating a wide variety of medical diseases. This is especially the case for the infamous and reportedly deadly “club drug,” MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. MDMA was first synthesized by Merck Pharmaceuticals in 1912 as a potential headache medication, but after finding no connection they deemed further studies unnecessary. This caused the drug to essentially vanish until 1977, when a chemist by the name of Charles Shulgin took a second look at MDMA and discovered that Merck may have been very wrong. Dr. Shulgin found the drug to be therapeutic and christened it “window” as he felt it…show more content…
In addition to MDA and PMA, ecstasy may be mixed with other drugs such as ephedrine, dextromethorphan or DXM (active ingredient in cough medicine), ketamine (animal/horse traquilizer), caffeine, and methamphetamine. Often times, ecstasy users are admitted to a hospital due to dehydration or hypothermia plus they often combine the ecstasy with other drugs such as marijuana or alcohol. A few other types of common concoctions are “candy flipping” (LSD and MDMA), and “hippie flipping” (psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA.) These practices dramatically increased the number of MDMA related hospitalizations throughout the world. MDMA should be reviewed and rescheduled due to the fact that the initial scheduling reports were flawed, there are vast medical uses for MDMA in treating patients who have shown no improvements with other psychological treatments, and there is a very low possibility of death amongst users of unadulterated MDMA. Why must we withhold a drug that can be so very useful for the treatment of extreme mental conditions and possibly cure thousands of Americans of their

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