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Roller Coasters :] Roller coasters have been a good part of American History. Roller coasters are exciting, fun but sometimes they are really scary. It all started with ice slides, long iced wooden slides that can be up to 70 ft, they were mostly popular in Russia around the 17th century. Riders wood slide down the slide in a sled and land in a sand pile. Over the years more countries started to gain the interest in this idea. Like France, France took this idea and tried to make it there own but in France the climate tends to be warmer so the ice was melting. Well the French continued with the Russians idea and tried to add twist and turns to the track to make it more complex. The First actual roller coaster was built in 1812, in Paris [the Les Montagnes Russes a Belleville] it was built by the French. It was the first roller coaster with the trains actually attached to the track. But some Historians believe that the first roller coaster was built in 1784 around St. Petersburg in Russia by the Russians. Well one of the first ideas in America started in Pennsylvania in 1827, where a mining company made the Mauch Chunk gravity railroad. It was a track used to send coal etc… to Mauch chunk [now known as Jim Thorpe]. This “Gravity Road” in the 1850’s and started to give rides for just 50 cents. Railroads everywhere started to use this idea. Like LaMarcus Adna Thompson, he used this idea to make a gravity switch back railway in Cooney Island, Brooklyn, New York, in 1844. It was the first Roller coaster in America. The tallest roller coaster is 415ft high, The Super Man Escape, built on January 4, 1996. It is also the fastest roller coaster, with reached speeds of 100mph, in just 7 seconds. And The Super Man Escape has the most air time as well, 6.5 seconds when it’s gets to the top of 415ft. John A. Miller worked for Thompson and

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