Roll of Thunder, Here My Cry

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1) My reactions in the end of the story of “Roll of Thunder, Here my Cry” would be surprised and not surprised. I was surprised, when Papa was the one who started the fire; it was a smart idea, because the mob wouldn’t have thought it was papa, or they wouldn’t have picked a victim, because when T.J. was being beaten, there was thunder and lightning, so they must have thought that the fire was caused by the thunder. There was also a bit of foreshadowing, because Papa was thinking about how he would help T.J. without using the gun when mama told him not to. I also wasn’t surprised in the end of the story, because of T.J. going into jail, and probably going to the chain gang. I figured something unpleasant would happen to T.J., because throughout the story, he has been evil, such as when he used the cheat notes for the test, so eventually something horrible will strike back at him, in this case it would be him going into jail. 2) When Cassie mourns for T.J. , I feel most sorry for T.J., because of the terrible things that happened to him such as him being beaten by R.W. and Melvin. I also feel most sorry for T.J., because you would wonder how his family would feel about him going into jail, watching him being beaten, and hear that he robbed the mercantile. I think the Avery family would be disappointed and sad for T.J.. 3) Cassie changed by the events of the night of the fire, because she started out by thinking that black people need to stand out to the white people without causing problems, but in the end she realizes that papa started to stop the men from hanging T.J. without papa using his gun, so she understood that if he used his gun he would probably the one who will be hung. She mourns about T.J. and the land by saying “What happened to T.J. in the night I did not understand, but I knew that it would not pass. And I cried for those things which had happened
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