Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries Essay

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Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries My role is of an Assessor/IV. For which I am expected to meet certain responsibilities and boundaries. I am an IV for the Diploma programme, upon where I am expected to check the capability of the tutors and ensuring that the students meet the correct standards, as stated from their awarding body. One of the roles of teacher is to ensure that all persons are valued individually and equally. The teacher’s role is to create an effective and stimulating opportunity to learn, through a high quality of teaching that in turn enables the development and progression of all students. The role of the teacher consists of many different areas to help the students, i.e. planning lessons by completing lesson plans, preparing all teaching materials, assessing their development, evaluating their own teaching methods and delivery. It is also important to keep copies/records of learners progress through one-to-ones, interviews, assessments and tutorials. When taking on the role of the teacher, having a duty of care for learners, meeting ‘Every Child Matters’ guidelines, inducting them into the course, carrying out one-two-ones, reviews, speaking and acting appropriately, ensuring that professional values and ethnics are met. To keep the role of a teacher, it is important to attend meetings, mark work, and attend exhibitions, promotional events, referring learners to other people or agencies when necessary. The responsibilities of a teacher, is of someone who wants to gain that qualification, is to ensure that they gain the skills, it is their responsibility to gain the relevant literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, they must continually reassess their development and change during the course to create a seamless transition. The teacher should take on the responsibility of making sure that all handouts, lesson
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