Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries For A Teacher In Terms Of The Teaching Cycle Essay

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My role as a teacher is to ensure safe delivery of learning and establishing open and trusting relationships with students which will facilitate communication in such a way that each learner is encouraged to learn. My role is evolving continually and is continually assessed and reflected upon using the teacher/training cycle of assessing, planning and reviewing. I must maintain up-to-date records and administration systems. I am responsible for continually monitoring, assessing, evaluating, adjusting and developing the quality of delivery according to my learners’ changing needs. I need to assess the learning styles within the group to identify the best teaching method. I set SMART goals for learners and aims for the session. I can then use appropriate methods of teaching and differentiate effectively between individual learner’s needs. It is vital that I differentiate between individuals by using different methods and different approaches and in some cases, different practices. There are some very obvious differences in individuals’ needs such as age, language, ethnic group and gender. There are also some equally important differences which are more subtle such as prior learning/experience, learner’s personality and so on. Any differentiation must be discreet. I am responsible for Health and Safety issues while teaching and for matters of confidentiality. Boundaries and barriers to learning are a major problem. They are core to being able to recognise my limitations and identifying where I need to apply changes. In my sector a major boundary is level of academic achievement and perceived level of personal skills. In recent times another increasingly common boundary is that the first language is not English. The relationship between me and learners could be a barrier in some cases. I could be perceived as unapproachable and intolerant
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