Roles of Ways & Knowing Essay

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Running head: ROLES OF WAYS AND KNOWING 1 Roles of Ways and Knowing Charlotte M. Butler University of South Alabama ROLES OF WAYS AND KNOWING 2 Roles of Ways and Knowing The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) plays an important role in healthcare and the promotion of the nursing profession. Scholarship roles, patterns of knowing, conceptual framework, and theory form the foundation for the APN’s practice. The following is a discussion of these concepts in relation to the APN. Role of Scholarship The Advanced Practice Nurse plays an integral role in the development, promotion, and advancement of nursing through the dynamic and integrated processes of scholarship. Within each of the roles of scholarship are the nursing core values of caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence (NLN). The scholarship of knowing seeks to build on the current foundation of nursing knowledge through the identification and research of health issues. Empirical and historical research, theory development, and methodological studies, generate new knowledge that forms the basis for new nursing theories and evidence-based practice. The APN scholarship of teaching assimilates new and existing knowledge, and transfers this information from expert to novice, teacher to student, and healthcare provider to the patient. The APN may teach by role modeling, or mentoring of students and new nurses. Teaching may encompass the development of programs that utilize new technology. The APN may exhibit leadership in education by defining and structuring educational policy (Zaccagnini & White, 2014). The role of scholarship in practice applies the skills and expertise of the APN in a variety of settings. In the community, the APN may serve as a consultant, teacher, administrator, or practitioner working to identify and find
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