Roles of Paramedic

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PENGIRAN ANAK PUTERI RASHIDAH SA’ADATUL BOLKIAH INSTITUTE OF HEALTH AND SCIENCES UNIVERSITY BRUNEI DARUSSALAM | | | | ASSIGNMENT: ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A PARAMEDICDiploma in Health Sciences Paramedic (Cohort 2) | MUHAMMAD ULUL AZMI BIN DELIRegistration No: 10D0316Date: 25 April 2012 No. of Words: 1412 Words | INTRODUCTION When talking about roles and responsibilities of a profession, they are apparently referred to the specialties or functions of the position you are standing on, with moral, legal or mental accountability, as for in this case, we are talking about the roles and responsibilities of a paramedic. From the word paramedic itself, we could have some ideas of what are its roles and responsibilities. So to start with, let us define the term paramedic first. The origin of the word paramedic may have come from the military, where highly trained medics parachuted into emergency areas. However, today the term is used to signify personnel who function as subsidiaries to physicians. The prefix Para is now taken to mean "closely resembling" and medic is taken to mean "the physician". A Paramedic works resembling the physician or basically can be defined as a highly trained and skilled medical professional who is educated to carry out some of the duties of a physician. They examine, evaluate and treat patients with equipment and medications usually only found in the emergency department of a hospital. Somehow, many of the procedures and medications administered by the paramedic are ordered and taught by a Physician. This may be through direct supervision or remotely using telephone, radio or pre-established written orders. Paramedic, from my personal point of view however, is a frontline health professional who provides specialist out-of-hospital emergency health care and unscheduled care to the community, as well as providing

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