Roles of a Teacher Bpt1501

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Learning Unit 1: Assignment 03: Sub –Roles of a teacher Life coach Bookkeepers Father/Mother Figure Friend and confidante Sport and event organizer Referee Learning Unit 1: Assignment 03: Sub –Roles of a teacher Sub-Roles of a Teacher Sub-Roles of a teacher is quite a hand full. From cleaning to nursing, but I have examined and defined six sub roles that I experience in the classroom every day. A Life coach is not only about being a leader and a role-model to a person. It’s all about values, good behavior, self-discipline and responsibility. All this values are learned from a life coach, such as an passionate sport coach and academic teacher. A Father or Mother figure fits hand in hand with the previous topic. Any student especially at a young age longs to be guided by a mother AND (not OR) father figure. Everywhere a young child goes, he will search for such a figure. Sports and planned school events like, Choir and dances needs to be organized and coached. Nothing satisfies the soul as much as a few children together enjoying themselves with your help. A referee is needed in any sort of sport match to control the game. In the same way a referee is needed in the classroom to settle any disputes whatsoever. A friend in the classroom makes you feel right at home, a friend who you share confidence with is a bonus. To accomplish that combined relationship and still in respect of your teacher – student relationship is a bonus. An atmosphere of love and care will rule in your classroom. A good filing system is a must in any business; the same must be done in each classroom. Taking attendance, handling detention forms and keeping a record of marks obtained and work done. Keeping all this data is very valuable for later dispute or loss of electronic data. At this moment you realize that teaching is not about working
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