Roles of a Teacher Essay

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Joe Valdiviez EDTC 1321: Bilingual Ed. Tijerina March 27, 2013 Roles of the Teacher In schools today there is a lot more that comes with being a teacher than just showing up and giving the day's lesson. For most teachers there are three main roles they play in their classrooms. They must be role models; the teacher must be a provider of information and last they must be assessors of their students. Even though teachers play a variety of roles in their classrooms, in order for a teacher to have a successful career and have successful students they must stick to the main roles given to them. I feel the most important and most demanding role of a teacher is to be a role model. The reason for this is that students look to their teachers as examples of professional adults. They often have more contact with their teachers than their own parents, so it's important for teachers to always reflect a positive image and teach children things like respect, trust, and responsibility. Teachers can do this through their actions and words in the classroom, leading by example. Many students suffer from lack of parental contact at home. In fact, there are students whose parents leave for work before they wake up for school, and who return from work after they've gone to bed. Parents may be either working many hours or have other things going on in their lives that make them unable to be with their children or cause them to be absent from their children's lives. Teachers may find certain students who lean on them for support and come to them for advice or to share their good news. Positive adult contact is crucial to raising well-balanced children, and teachers are often given the charge of being surrogate parents for their students. Besides being a role model to their students, teachers must also educate them. I feel being the provider of information is the second most

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