Roles and Responsiblities Tutors Should Have in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Roles and responsibilities tutors should have in the life long sector A tutor in the lifelong learning sector has a multitude of roles and responsibilities and within this short essay the author will attempt to identify and evaluate each role. According to Duckworth et al (2010), understanding the roles and responsibilities is essential for anyone working in the Lifelong sector. Duckworth et al (2010) asset that, while teaching in an organisation a tutor will meet and work with different staff with different roles and responsibilities. It is useful that they develop the ability to work within a multidisciplinary team through effective use of a combination skills, theory, and techniques. The roles and responsibilities of a tutor in the Lifelong Sector include promoting positive behaviour, diversity and inclusion throughout the teaching and learning process (Gravells, 2012). The author concurs with Gravells et al (2012) that, a tutor should also challenge prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping as it occurs. This can be achieved by incorporating activities in learning based around equality and diversity so it helps students in their understanding. Francis and Gould (2013) state that the role of a tutor in the lifelong learning sector is not confined to imparting knowledge and skills, but covers a multiplicity or different tasks. These roles are accompanied by responsibilities and these contribute to the adoption of a professional approach to work in the lifelong learning sector. According to the Institute for Learning (IfL, 2009), continuing professional development means maintain, improving and broadening relevant knowledge and skills in your subject specialisation and your teaching so that it has positive impact on practice and learner experience. Maintaining currency in their own subject or vocational area and continuing to develop their own teaching

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