Roles And Responsiblities In Nursing And Education

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It is my belief that education is always a positive experience for anyone’s role in life, personal and professional. This educational experience will affect my personal role in a way that will be positive for both my family and I. I am extremely fortunate to have the family that I have. My spouse understands the goals that I have set for myself in the nursing field. He is committed to doing what is necessary to help assure that my goals are met. I also have two wonderful sons, (ages fifteen and twenty) that understands the importance of my career and what it means to me. My children realize that I have always been there for them when they were young in times of need and they too are very understanding of the importance of my continued education. I personally feel that I am setting a good example for my children for continuing my education at my age. Although the ideal situation is to continue into college after high school, however, that is not always the opportunity that presents itself at that time. So the lesson I am teaching my children is that it is never too late to go back to school.
One of the main reasons I am attracted to the medical profession is the role of nurturing that happens in patient care. I am able to experience just that on a daily basis in the hospital, solidifying my desire to pursue a career in nursing. As I continue my nursing education, I can say that I have had a truly rewarding experience working with patients of all walks of life, some are treated with medication and return home, others transition to the next journey of life, whatever that may be according to their religious beliefs.
The psychiatric rotations during LPN school were also really emotional for me because I think it exposed me to a side of life I just had not experienced first-hand before and that was hard to see. Dealing with other people’s pain and suffering can

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