Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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R ol e s, re spon sib il it ie s an d re l at i onsh ip in l i fel o n g l e arn in g ( un it 00 8 ) Legislation 1.1 Below are the keys parts of legislation used in the life long learning sector. Equality Act—2010 Requires teaching to be proactive. The 9 protected characteristics are; age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, gender identity,, maternity and pregnancy, marriage and civil partnerships. Every Child Matters Introduced by the Department of Education 2004 it states that the following are rights of every learner to Stay safe, be Healthy, Economic independence, Enjoy and achieve and to make a Positive contribution. This is abbreviated to SHEEP. Weston college has adopted and changed the title to ‘Every Learner Matters’ Data Protection Act 1998 The purpose is to ensure all data is collected and used in a responsible and accountable manner. Weston College policies state ‘All staff have to familiarize themselves and comply with the policy. Tutors are responsible for ensuring personal data is kept secure. Childrens Act 2004 and Safeguarding This covers the safeguarding, abuse and neglect, discrimination, anti-bullying and harassment. Tutors are expected to take appropriate action to address concerns and work in full partnership officers and safeguarding officers. Tutors must take all reasonable measures to ensure that any harm to young people and vulnerable adults is minimized at all times. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 1995 The disability legislation act says, Tutors should make reasonable adjustments for the needs of disabled learners; for example, use interpreters and note takers. Give extra time for exams or essays. Deborah Munton R ol e s , re sp on s ibi l i t i e s an d re l a tion s h i p in l i fe l ong l e a r n i ng 0 08 —3 . 1 & 3 .2 The importance of setting ground rules   Ground

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