Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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TEST PAPER 40222/02 Roles and Responsibilities Task 1/1 The project outlined will require a substantial amount of labour, from a variety of trades to enable the programme to be met. There will be a main contractor on site which will let packages to a variety of sub-contractors, whose time on site will vary. The main site personnel will consist of ground workers, steel erectors, bricklayers, roofers, carpenters, and general labourers to form the structure of the shopping centre. Following these works, more sub-contractors will be on site, including mechanical and electrical engineers, ceilings and partition fixers, plumbers, floor layers, tillers, labourers, plasterers and many other trades. The main contractor will be on site from start to finish along with, various consultants, structural engineers, architects and sub-contractors foremen. All of these will have had some kind of input into the design and build of the shopping centre, which will have an effect on the Health and Safety procedures adopted on site. Once contractors commence their works on site they will all be responsible for Health and Safety whilst works are progressing. However, by the time work begins current CDM Regulations (2007) state that all parties taking part in the project have a responsibility towards Health and Safety. This means that the in house architects, engineers and quantity surveyors will have to design out as much risk as possible, in terms of Health and Safety. The architect has a responsibility to ensure the job can be built to his design and specification with minimum risk to all contractors hired to complete the works. Also, during the works the architect will have to be available to co-operate and co-ordinate the works as they progress if works cannot be completed in a safe manner. The Quantity Surveyor will also have to bear in mind that cost cannot be an issue

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