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Roles and Functions Paper Alejandra Moreno HCS/325 8/17/2015 Mosunmola Adeyemi Roles and Functions Paper A health care manager plays a critical role in health care they are faced with challenges and many opportunities focuses on constant changes, demands and expectation of their organization, the public and the field itself. Technology grows each day; new advances in health care services are improved to better serve the community. With so many changes a manager in health care must respond to demands of the public on improvements but also keep in mind the well being of the organization and it’s goals that are planned to achieve. Management itself is a profession that is set to provide leadership and direction of an organization to deliver health care services at the highest qualities while making sure that to achieve this all the staff members are also taken care. A manager should be a leader and a team player as well helping their staff members to achieve the organizations goals. The functions of a manager help with managing others and one self to lead and be the leader as well to achieve goals. The roles of managers and leaders in healthcare would be considered about the same since both lead a team of members towards meeting the same goal whether to improve the quality of services or have the higher quality equipment. The goal of a manager or leader is always to make sure their team achieves the highest performance. Managers need to have good leadership skills in order to motivate their employees as well as good interpersonal abilities (Locsin, 2014). The most significant aspect related to health care management I would like to gain from this course would be an effective leader. Not just lead a team but instead work together to achieve goals and make sure that the staff members are well taken care of and have gained confidence within me as

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