Roles And Functions Essay

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Roles and Functions Health care managers play a very critical role within the health care organization, and have many roles and responsibilities in a constantly changing health care system. “Every manager’s main duty is to succeed in helping the organization achieve high performance while utilizing all of the organization’s human and material resources.” (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007) Today’s managers in the health care field must make every effort to improve the daily operations within the organization as well as planning for future improvements in efficiency and productivity. According to Lombardi and Schermerhorn (2007), health care managers on a daily basis must be able to recognize performance problems and opportunities, make good decisions, and be able to take appropriate action, along with a long list of many other tasks. To assist in achieving this goal a health care manager should utilize the process of management; planning, organizing, controlling the use of the resources and leading,( Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007) which potentially would lead to the accomplishment of performance goals and success of the organization. The most important function of a health care manager is leading. “Leading is the process of arousing people’s enthusiasm to work hard to fulfill plans and accomplish objectives. Through leading, managers build commitments, encourage activities that support goals, and influence others to do their best work on the organization’s behalf” (Lombardi & Schemerhorn, 2007). According to Javitch (2010), making clear statements of goals and allowing reasonable latitude on how to achieve those goals is key to motivating employees; building on an employee’s interests in gaining new skills and knowledge by providing opportunities to grow on the job. Javitch (2010) also recommends providing options for such things as tasks, allow

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