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|Roles and Function Paper | 1 | | | Roles and Function Paper Amy Thomas HCS 325 7/2/2012 Professor Vivian Perez The Healthcare Management Process has four cyclic steps these steps include planning, organizing, controlling and leading. The steps play an integral role in the functions of healthcare management today. Effective and strong leadership in a healthcare organization is an essential element for its success. Without strong leadership, an organization cannot function properly in an efficient manner. Many people may wonder what skills are necessary for someone to be an effective leader in healthcare today. Leaders should command excellence; and they should possess the ability to build excellence by leading by example. In a healthcare organization, a leader should have the ability to understand the complex group dynamics of the employees and how they contribute to the workings of the department. A leader should be able to make judicious, difficult and most appropriate decisions by taking into consideration the business aspects of health care but at the same time not lose sight of its core obligations to provide quality and safe healthcare towards patients, family members and the community as whole as well as internal and external stakeholders. Many healthcare managers often times have to deal with difficult employees, who lack the understanding of team work. In healthcare, teamwork is essential because we are here to save patient lives. When difficult employees are not willing to work effectively in team environment, patient care which can is adversely affected resulting in decreased patient satisfaction. Health care managers are often faced with difficult situation that

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