The Role Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

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RUNNING HEADER: Phase 1 - The role of verbal and nonverbal communication How successful a person communicates is key to the success of his or her professional growth. This paper will analyze the importance of successful communication, cover some of the characteristics of successful communication and how the communication in the business world is distinctive.  The actual meaning of communication is to express ideas effectively so that everyone involved is able to understand. This happens when one person conveys some comprehensible information to another person. It consists of the giving and receiving of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, details, and information among two or more people. A response is critical; as it makes certain that the person being talked understands accurately what is meant. The critical characteristics of a successful communication method are fundamental for productive communication. The primary underlying ingredients or distinguishing traits are as follows (Easy Communication, 2006): - Clarity and reliability the of point being expressed. - Sufficiently updating of the recipient. - Exact preparation of points. - Consistency and uniformity of the point. - To know the main purpose of the point. - Appropriate retort or response. - Accurate timing. - Use of the appropriate means of effecting or conveying the point appropriately. - Use of casual communication. Even though communication has been taking place regularly since childhood, the development of communicating information from one to another is a multifaceted progression with numerous changes for possible mistakes. An outline to make communication effective follows: - - Reduce the point to bare bones ahead of time. - Investigate the goal of each point. - Think about were you are when you communicate. - You must discuss with others, where appropriate, in planning
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