Role Playing Essay

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Role playing is very important because it gives us as individuals the opportunity to put ourselves in place of a character. I feel we can better understand the message the author or writer is trying to convey when we put ourselves in place of the person who has gone through the actual experience. I had the chance to role play at home when my husband and I were trying to show our children what they looked like when they argue. We used the hand gestures and the sarcasm to the tee. We also yelled and called each other names, my children were absolutely shocked. It was then and only then that they were able to see how mean and at times ridiculous they looked when they argue with each other. The experience was fun because we all gave our responses which were quite different. It broadens our views on certain issues that we don’t normally see. Role playing helps me to interpret things better and I also gain a better understanding of what goes on in the story. I had to help my daughter rehearse for a school play in high school so we did a little role playing and we had so much fun doing it. It was uncomfortable at first because you feel like you’re under pressure not to make a mistake but then you start to improvise and it all comes together. We actually laughed while we role played the characters of the play until she felt comfortable with the character. She took on the character’s persona and the lines seemed to come naturally to my daughter. Role playing helps to pick out a person’s flaws and correct
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