Role Of Wormen Until 1500

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Role Of Women until 1500 HIS 103 World Civilization 1 Todd Menzing Felice Ford November 16, 2011 Women in the early 1500 worked together in the community and in the church to make the local area a better place. It was watching out for each other children while they were out. When going out into the garden to gather food most of them would bring enough for the next family. They believe in helping one another out. I have chosen to talk on the role of women until the 1500’s, I pick this topic because I’m a woman myself and would love the know all about how unfair women was treated and all they had to take. I will also talk about how difficult it was for the women, men was also sometimes treated better than women. I will talk on the rights the women had in the middle east. Most women place was in the house only, they had no rite to know what the men did outside the home. I will also talk on how time brouht about a change for the women, I will compare the women from then until now. Women roles in the 1500 was very important in many different ways. Womens have always played an important role in the lives of mens, the church, the community, and schools. In today society womens are still playing an important role in the United States. Back in the 1500s there was not many schools, doctors/hospitals, and daycare center. And that’s where most of the womens came in and played many different roles. I will expand of the life of a woman in the 1500 in three different ways. The role they played in the homes, the community, and how the womens worked together to help one another out during this time. Womens in the 1500 played a very important role in the home. It was the duty of the wife to take care of the cleaning, cooking, and taking care

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