Role of System Analyst Essay

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Systems analyst is someone who engaged in information systems development in an organization. Systems analysts responsible for demand analysis needs confirmation from the system, thus forms a system of product design person. Often they will be involved in feasibility assessment, project management, evaluation, and pre-development work needs verification. Work as systems analysts in an organization who need to have abilities for problem solving and system thinking. Systems analyst can be one person or composed of multiple people. Their responsibilities involved research, analysis as well as make decisions of people, processes and communication. Systems analysts need to write documents for new projects from beginning and then processing until the project closed. What a systems analyst does for a project: 1. Identify problems and risks. 2. Make a plan for the project like what and how to do and who can do it. 3. Get details and understand problems and needs. 4. System design and problem fix. 5. Build and test system. 6. Finish test and close project. Follow by that, systems analysts essential to have basic knowledge in both IT and business as well as need to have good communication skill because they essential to communicate with users, system designers, and managers even all stakeholders. There is a case in the textbook, which says about John and Jacob, Inc. It is an online trading system. The company decided to develop some new features for existing the system. (Satzinger, J. W., Jackson, R. B., & Burd, S. D., 2012, p62) As a system analyst in company should know what problems are going to happen. The problems could involve technology, time managing and financial issues. Then system analyst should find out who could be stakeholders of new system. It includes everyone who is going to use this new system and everyone who is working on this system. For

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