Role Of Mental Health In Aboriginal Youth

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Health issue: mental health in adolescents Aboriginal Youth (15-24 yr old) The Indigenous people of Australians have been through a lot of hardships and trials that affect their ability to achieve their full potential. Though amid all the hardships there are a few are able to overcome adversity and become contributors to society. We see examples of this in sport, media and education becoming role models for other indigenous people to be greater. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the indigenous people considerably disadvantaged in comparison to their non-aboriginal counterparts. 1. In the past indigenous youth have been subject to policies which have in the end deprived them of culture, identity and therefore affecting their mental health. Mental health is an…show more content…
(2007). Mental health and substance abuse: Working with Aboriginal communities for improved health in mid-western NSW. Aboriginal & Islander Health Worker Journal, 31(3), 13–18. Wilkes E, Gray D, Saggers S, CaseyW and Stearne A. 2008 “Substance Misuse and Mental Health among Aboriginal Australians” accessed at: Ypinazar A1†, Margolis S2, Elkins M1 and Tsey K3 Indigenous Australians’ understandings regarding mental health and disorders 2007, Vol. 41, No. 6 , Pages 467-478 (doi:10.1080/00048670701332953) Accessed at:

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