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Role of Media Essay

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Orissa Review * January - 2009

Role of Media in Nation Building
Siddhartha Dash

evils prevailed in the society like child marriage,
killing of female unborn child, the evil practice of
child labour etc. Through educational
programmes, it can cover many students in a single
platform. The University Grants Commission
telecasts educational programmes benefiting the
school and college students all over India. Media
can ignite scientific temper among the students
for development of science. The Government can
use the media more effectively to make it an
instrument of social change.

In any democratic country the media plays a vital
role in creating, moulding and reflecting public
opinion. Over the years the media became so
powerful that it soon acquired the status of "Fourth
Estate" as it was aptly described by the British
politician Edmund Burke. It also became so
indispensable for the democratic functioning that
Thomas Jefferson who was also the third US
president (1801-1809) said, "were it left to me
to decide whether we should have a government
without newspapers or newspapers without a
government, I should not hesitate for a moment
to prefer the latter". For the same reason our first
Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru declared "I
would rather have a completely free press with
all the danger involved in the wrong use of that
freedom, than a suppressed or regulated press".
In fact, the media touches almost every aspect of
our public life.

Media has exposed a number of corrupt
practices, hidden deals, thus putting a check on
the cancer in the form of corruption in the society.
The various news channels keep the vigilant
citizens updated. They organize debates and
group discussions about the current political issues
in order to enlighten the people about the
democratic process. Media serves as a bridge
between the government and the people. The
government's policies and actions are conveyed
to the people, and the latter's...

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