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The Effects of Media on the Executive Branch Journalism and News Channels In a democracy, the spread of information, ideas, and opinions are critical. The media has three primary responsibilities: setting the agenda, investigating the believes of government, and organizing the exchange of ideas and opinions. The news is determined by the media. Every day, hundreds of decisions, activities, and events take place in the congress, the executive branch, and the courts that could have an impact upon millions of Americans. It's the job of the media which includes print, television, radio, and the Internet to determine which actions control coverage and which do not. This is part of the news gathering process. After all, print and broadcast media have a no limit amount of time and space to focus to news coverage. Therefore, news editors and producers use their believes in determining what and who receives coverage. The process of determining the news is not a perfect deal. It's a highly opinionated process that leaves many news gathering organizations open to criticism from groups dissatisfied with their coverage. For years, political readers have complained that media institutions such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and the three broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS) were biased toward liberal causes. Editors and producers typically take several factors into thought when determining the news value of an event, ruling, decision, or trend, such as the number of people affected by it, the impact, the long-term consequences, and the effect on future actions or decisions. Investigative journalism dates back to the 1800s, when a new breed of reporters dubbed muckrakers sought to expose public corruption and social problems. Author Upton Sinclair is considered the grand-father of muckraking because of his book The Jungle, which was a amazing

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