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Role Of Media Essay

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Yerevan State University
Center for European Studies
Human Rights and Democratization

The Role of Media in Political System

Name NuardDallakyan
Course Media and   Democracy
Supervisor       Aram Abrahamyan
Date 20/10/2011

Yerevan 2011

Role ofthe Media in Political System
The role of the media in our life is huge today. The impact it has is immense. The media is the massage and increasingly a powerful one.The content delivered by mass Medias through Media technologies is shaping our society, our politics, our national discourse, and most of all it is shaping our brains and emotions. How is that possible? Easy, everything in this century revolves around information, the circulation of information is unstoppable, and the speed is faster than ever. Billions of people use internet every single day that is just a reach that hasn’t existed before in terms of media. We live today on Facebook and cell phones and media images are impacting us 24/7. Whatever restrictions existed before, they are simply left behind. Media creates consciousness People learn more from media than any other   source of information, So if you want to understand what is going on in the society in the 21 century we have to understand media.
Media has a unique, major role in the political system of (Democratic) countries, which is growing more and more day by day, taking full advantage of the first amendment right and the freedom of the press.  Politicians have a great influence over what the media reports as well.   At times the role of the media and the influence of politicians collide.   Who wins out in the end is a complicated matter and is a very hot topic at present.
Normally, in the modern countries the media is owned by several companies and is out to make a profit.   In US these large companies are CNN, FOX, NBC, various talk radio programs, and popular items in print from Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.   These media outlets are all influenced by...

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