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Role Of Media Essay

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  • on June 28, 2011
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By Andre Loersch, Cimera, Geneva, Switzerland Be it in established democracies or in so-called "countries in transition", crisis situation bring a light on the concrete limits and constraints of freedom of speech in given societies.
In many social and political fields, crisis situation vented any open and fair discussion on a number of work as microscopes: they allow us to see and perceive important issues to take place, such as the legality and with an usual precision the fundamental principles legitimacy of the military intervention in Afghanistan, which determine the functioning of groups, societies or the need of such an action, or the adequacy of calling a States. In the media field, those periods always prove "declaration of war" the terrorist attacks carried out in revealing for the comprehension of the concrete limits the US (see in this issue Patriotism and Compassion of freedom of speech in a given society, and to see how Can Clash with Professionalism). More than a the remuch politicians and journalists are ready to defend the sult of government pressure, this attitude was a the democratic ideas which, they usually say, are the basic result of the choice of the journalists themselves. In soprinciples of their activity. Those moments of tension called countries "in transition", like in the Central therefore reveal the role media and Asian Republic, where, since the journalists intend to play in their The nature of possible im- independence, no comprehensive society. The overview of the con- provement in the media system of functioning of media is to tent of some mainstream media be seen, the challenges are different. sector in Central Asia might In a country like Uzbekistan, for after the plane attacks on New York and Washington on Septem- depend a lot on the capacity instance, with a strong and organised ber 11 in different countries is a of the media actors to de- control...

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