Role of Line Managers as Hr Specialist in Banks Essay

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INTRODUCTION The term “Line Manager” accepting most of the responsibilities of human resource management has been renowned as a wisdom characteristic of successful organisation. The banking industry was taken to study role of line mangers as human resource specialists. Banks are financial institutions that play a pivotal role in formation of sound economy. In bank the branch manger plays all the roles of line manger. In today’s competitive business world all the HR policies and procedures are formed at centralized human resource department in line with the business strategy and ultimately corporate strategy. The formation of policies takes place in head offices of the banks but the responsibility of their implementation rest with the line manager. Line manger is mainly responsible for the daily working of his unit, maintaining good relationship with clients, handling complaints, job design, motivation, satisfaction and performance management of the employees. The line manger while acting as human resource specialist is in the most suitable place to have the best of the human resource policies. But the interest of line manager in performing duties of HR specialist depends on his interest in the department and his position in management hierarchy. There are some other important reasons as well like unity of work: it means responsibility of decision should be with the line manger because of his operational know how. But now organizations are more focusing on devolvement of human resource activities to the line manger considering cost cutting by having less employees and doing more variety of work. A lot has been researched and found about the usefulness of devolvement of human resource activities to line manger but the significance of human resource manager can not be ignored. The success of any organisation to have competitive advantage becomes a

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