Role Of Interpersonal Interaction In Health And Social Care

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Effective Communication: is a two-way process where information is transmitted between the sender and the receiver using any method of communication without anyone getting confused by each other’s meaning, making sure that the point gets across. An example of this is, nurse in a hospital that gives a patient instructions on how to take a medication using clear and simple terms.
Interpersonal Interaction: is communication process where information, feelings and meanings are exchanged by two or more people through by the means of verbal and non-verbal messages.
Effective communication and interaction plays an important role in the health and social care setting as it allows a person working in the health and social care section to perform their role effectively. It allows them to develop a bond with people from different backgrounds, cultures and/or religion who are using the service provided. Effective
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Another role of the effective communication and interaction is being empathetic as showing empathy is part of establishing and strengthening relationships with patients, if a patient is to talk to you they may express with or without words feelings they have not consciously acknowledged. These feelings are crucial to understanding their illnesses and to establish a trusting relationship with a health care worker. Empathy can also be non -verbal for example offering a tissue to a crying patient,when being an empathetic communicator it is important to respond correctly to what the patients feeling. An example of this is a patient in a nursing home that lost her son, spends most of her time crying, going up to that
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