Role Of Homeland Security

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SEC/400 – Threat and Vulnerability Management Instructor: Dale Pocklington Week Three - Individual Assignment: Role of Homeland Security By: University Of Phoenix May 18, 2009 In this paper the author will describe the Role of the Department of Homeland Security, and the duty of this department plays in protecting private-sector infrastructure facilities, such as transportation systems, laboratories, Utility power plant facilities, and food stock. The author will further determine if the Department of Homeland Security should play a greater role in security, or are the current security needs being addresses by private security agencies and their executives. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 President George Bush the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security to organize homeland security efforts. The United States Department of Homeland Security is a department of the Federal Government with the primary responsibility of protecting the territory of the U.S. and outside the borders from acts of terrorism, natural catastrophic disasters and other emergency events. DHS further reduces America’s vulnerability to terrorism, protecting critical infrastructures, property and the economy, and further reducing damage and recovery from attacks that do take place. DHS works in the civilian realm to protect the United States (Fischer, 2004). In 2003, DHS took underneath it’s wing; Immigration and Naturalization (INS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Customs, Border Patrol, Secret Service and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) . Within its realm DHS holds 22 law enforcement, security, and intelligence agencies into one effective agency. The top priority for the DHS is protecting critical infrastructures and key resources of the United States from

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