Role Of Greed In Macbeth

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Week 4 Assignment Aaron Eads Eng. 125 Patricia Vineski 3-19-2012 Page 1 Macbeth was about power and wealth through the means of stepping on others to get it. Greed is prevalent with the need for power, Macbeth chose to stop at nothing to get a kingdom. It would be easy to say that everyone hungers for power and will do anything for it but that really is not the case. Many people I believe would rather work hard for their achievements rather than hurt those around them to get ahead. Human society is generally full of capitalism and greed. With the continual growth of business and economy, there are people and corporations that may stoop to low levels to bring themselves ahead of others and to be more profitable. In that regard, Macbeth…show more content…
People do not want to admit when they are defeated, just like Macbeth in this scene. The subject matter in Macbeth seems to be the desire to be great at any expense, and the panicky world that one can create for them when they try to achieve greatness at all costs. Denial is present as well as a lack of regard for anyone but Macbeth and his desires. Wives and sons are killed just to avoid something that is not certain. Only at the end do the witches’ predictions come true with the defeat of Macbeth. Another literary element that really adds to the drama is the characterization of Macbeth, MacDuff and the witches. These characters stood out to me because they held a lot of weight in the drama, particularly towards the end of the drama as the story climaxes. “MACDUFF: That way the noise is.—Tyrant, show thy face!” (Clugston, 2010). I could just imagine MacDuff coming in demanding to see Macbeth, fierce and angry. The tragic qualities of the play really do contribute to the larger message because it shows how in the end you will only lose if you do not play fair. In the story,

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