Role Of Foil Characters In Hamlet

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Kelsey Mulligan 12/6/09 Eng 103 Paper 5 Foils of Hamlet In the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare there are many characters that foil Hamlet. Three in particular characters are Laertes, Fortinbras and Horatio. These three individuals help define Hamlet’s character and influence his decisions. These characters can be referred to as mirrors of Hamlet. Hamlet is a character in the play that seems to be complicated and intricate. People are constantly discovering more about Hamlet’s character and feel that they will never know everything about him. It is said that Hamlet is philosophical and contemplative. He, as a person, seems always to be faced with questions that he cannot answer and be involved in difficult situations.…show more content…
Horatio is the most loyal and faithful friend of Hamlet’s. The two characters studied together at the University of Wittenburg. It is obvious in the play that Hamlet looks up to Horatio and admires many traits that he has. Horatio is a unique character and not like many of the other characters. He is willing to trust people and accept the world. He is also willing to look for truth and do whatever it takes for his loved ones. Due to the fact that Hamlet lacks many of these qualities, he wishes he could be more like his friend. Horatio cares very much for Hamlet but does not want to change his decisions or persuade him in any way. Even though Hamlet and Horatio do have some differences they do not interfere with their strong friendship. The difference between Horatio and other characters in the play is that Horatio can understand what Hamlet is always trying to say. Horatio trusts Hamlet and never doubts him, which helps readers understand the real Hamlet. The main reason why Hamlet can trust Horatio is because in the beginning, Horatio remained calm, and smart. When Horatio first saw the ghost he remained even tempered and even ordered for it to say what they wanted to know. “If thou art privy to thy country’s fate ….O, speak! Or if thou hast uphoarded in they life extorted treasure in the womb of earth….Speak of it, stay and speak!” The only decision that Horatio did not agree with Hamlet on, was the decision that cost Hamlet his life. Although Hamlet died, he asked Horatio to complete an important act. .“If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart…Absent thee from felicity a while…and in this harsh world draw thy breath is pain…to tell my story.” Hamlet asks his friend to tell his story after he actually dies. He wishes for this to happen so that people know the real story and remember. All and all, Horatio is very important throughout the play and is a great friend to Hamlet,

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