Role Of Father In The Odyssey

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Like Father, Like Son In Greece kings were very important to the people and the society. The sons of the kings were important as well; so if the king was gone they could take over. As in Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus has gone to battle for 10 years and now that the battle is over and he still hasn’t come back. People have said he is dead and people have said he is imprisoned. Because Odysseus is gone it is Telemakhos’ duty to take the throne. After Odysseus’ disappearance the suitors have been pouring into the palace. As Athena comes visit in the form of Mentes she notices that Telemakhos cannot control the suitors. She says he is “a boy daydreaming” (I. 145). Telemakhos has not reached the point at which he knows how to rule like his father. Athena also asks to him “ You must be, by your looks, Odysseus’ boy?” (I. 251). And here she is noticing that by power he is not anywhere close to his father but by looks, yes.…show more content…
As the story goes on, Odysseus does not hold back what he has in mind, as it states, “ The old man’s words delighted the son of Odysseus, who kept his chair no longer but stood up, eager to speak in the midst of all the men” (II. 35-37). He has now realized what he had been doing and what needs to be done. “Is this your way taking it out on me, giving free rein to these young men…this way you hurt me with my hands tied” (II. 72-85). The people now understand why he hasn’t been able to take control over the
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