Role of Facility Manager

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Role Of Facility Manager Facility managers job is most important job in services organization. Facility managers are responsible for the service process that managing the core business of an organization. They make it sure that business organization has the most suitable and up to dated working environment for all the employees and for their activities. All the duties vary with the nature of business, but facility manager always focus to deliver its best possible services within the source to improve efficiency, by reducing the cost and by increasing the productivity. It's a very vast and diverse field with all different range of responsibilities, dependant on the size, structure and nature of the business. They are involved in day to day operation of the organization and also help the management in strategic planning, especially in concern with buildings Likely areas of responsibility include: • Procurement and Contract Management; • Building Maintenance; • Cleaning; • Catering and Vending; • Health and Safety; • Security; • Utilities and Communications infrastructure; • Space Management. Facilities managers are employed in all sectors and industries and the diversity of the work may be reflected in different job titles such as operations, estates, technical services, asset or property manager. Typical work activities Responsibilities for facilities managers often cover several departments, as well as central services that link to all the teams in the organisation. In smaller companies, duties may include more practical and hands-on tasks. Many facilities management professionals are employed on a consultancy basis, contracted to manage some or all of these activities by a client organisation. • preparing documents for contractors to put out tenders; • supervising and coordinating work of contractors; • checking
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