Role Of Ethics In Policing

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Ethics in Policing Joshua Wheaton CJ 210 Professor William Post 2/10/2013 Ethics in Policing When a Law enforcement officer puts on their uniform in the morning they are making a decision to follow ethical guidelines, and morals that go above and beyond that of an everyday citizen. By putting on that uniform they are saying to the community that I am here to protect you from any and all harm. Sometimes these officers are faced with extremely hard decisions in the field. These decisions may challenge their ethics and their morals, and may even cause them to compromise those very ethics they hold so dear as men and women of law enforcement. In this paper I am going to discuss some of the ethical and moral dilemmas faced by officers…show more content…
The detective shows up at the place where the alleged rape happened. The detective takes the statement of a witness that saw a man running from the alley. He then would walk through the scene searching for any evidence that may be available to find the person who committed the crime. The victim was taken to the hospital already and is being evaluated by medical professionals. At the scene the detective finds torn par of underpants with white residue on them. He bags and tags the evidence and transports it directly to the lab for evaluation to try and find traces of DNA. If DNA is found they may have the person in the Database already. The detective then goes to the hospital to talk with the victim to get her story. He asks her question about where she was coming from, what the person looked like, if she was with anyone at the club, and if she could have been followed from the club. The officer then tells her that what she did was stupid, by walking alone on the streets by their self. Up to this point the officer has done everything correctly but with this one slip of the lip his has violated an ethical standard. You never make the victim feel like it was their fault especially in a Rape case. That is essentially telling the victim that it is their fault. This could lead to the victim not testifying if the person who committed the rape is found and it goes to trial. Everyday Ethical values are called into question by the men and women of law enforcement and it is up to them to overcome as it is part of their job. Sometimes they slip and get away with breaking their ethics but eventually they will get caught and will end up in the same prisons that they have promised to put criminals

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