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The focus of this paper is to look at the roles of education in politics towards grass root participation. Prominent among the points to be considered here is that education supplies the needed knowledge for political participation. Afolabi and Loto (2012) support this argument by stating that a developed or educated polity is the one that has enough manpower and each person occupies his or her rightful position to enhance the growth of the society. To support this, Ajayi and Afolabi (2009) have also remarked that education is largely perceived in Nigeria as an indispensable tool which will not only assist in meeting the nation’s social, political, moral, cultural and economic aspirations but will also inculcate in the individual knowledge,…show more content…
Learners who participate in these activities and politics gain experience in working with others outside the individual organizations and to some extent in working and competing with outside groups with minimum friction and this goes a long way to promote national unity and peaceful co-existence which will lead to political grass root participation. Sometimes, organizations not formally sponsored by the school in some cases make arrangements to use school facilities when classes are not in session. Learners derive benefits from their association with these groups in the same way they profit from participation in school sponsored organizations. By doing this, education provides a setting within which different learners’ organizations flourish and a context for helping young people learn appropriate patterns of interpersonal relations. In these classes, learners meet people from different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds from their own. Here, male-female relationships begin to develop as young people mature. It is obvious education through the system inculcates much to learners beyond the prescribed academic curriculum and also encourages the political development of social behaviours that will be useful to them as adulthood. Education also promotes the culture of productivity by enabling individuals to discover the creative potentials in them and apply same the improvement of the existing skill and technique of performing specific tasks, thereby increasing the efficiency of their personal societal efforts (Obasanjo 2012). Education teaches or trains people to be useful to themselves and the society they live. By this, they have to be knowledgeable and discover their potentials and use this to perform specific tasks to attain self-actualization.Education also develops in individuals those values which make for good citizenship, such as honesty, selflessness, tolerance, dedication,

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