Role Of Discontent In Tokugawa Japan

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Japan Modernizes I. Discontent in Tokugawa Japan A. Ruled by shoguns, supported by Daimyo(Landowners) B. Tokugawas reimposed centralized feudalism. C. Japan grew in isolation, daimyo, samurai, merchant peasants were discontent. D. Government emphasizing farming over commerce, but had scant success II. Japan Opens Up A. External Pressure and Internal Revolt 1. Matthew Perry led American navy forced Japan to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa 2. Criticized of shogun, daimyo and samurai led a revolt 3. Meiji was crowed emperor, renamed Edo--Tokyo B. The Meiji Restoration 1. Emperor supported the reform 2. Members of gov. travel overseas to learn Western ways; sending samurai abroad; brought expert from
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