Role Of Dehumanization In The Holocaust

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Ashley Vargas April 28, 2011 Mr. Whitehead Global 10 Jewish Dehumanization The Holocaust is a controversial topic still all these years later. Adolf Hitler with help of his Nazi party systematically dehumanized Jews leading up to and during the Holocaust. First, they moved them all together then humiliated them. Moving Jews into ghettos and then making them work like animal in concentration camps were two ways in which Hitler slowly but gradually dehumanized Jews. Before the holocaust even started, Hitler was already degrading Jews. He moved them all into ghettos which were poor run-down neighborhoods. As they did in Maus 1, they pushed Jews into ghettos which was a systematically and obviously effective method…show more content…
In concentration camps, people were dehumanized and made to live in conditions that not even an animal would want to live in. At the entrance of the infamous Auschwitz, prisoners were either sent to the left or the right. To the left, you immediately died but to the right you go through the dehumanizing process of becoming camp prisoners. ( All their clothes were taken away along with any other personal possessions. Newly arrived prisoners were thrown into the cruel, hard, unfair, horrific world of camp life. The story of a dentist, Benjamin Jacobs, working at Auschwitz tells the horror of his daily life. ( The excerpt from his story tells the dehumanizing he himself experienced: Traumatized, starved, and soaked with human waste, we looked to be the inhuman, useless creatures the Nazis had characterized us as being………….. One day the Kapo kept us outside in the cold rain for more than an hour. When we finally got back into the block, we were dripping wet. We hung our clothes around the room to dry. When the Kapo noticed, he asked us who had had that idea. Since we all did it simultaneously, no one admitted guilt. Then he ordered us to go outside naked and circle the block. As we passed by him standing at the door, he swung his whip at us. Mendele was hit badly, but…show more content…
In the ghettos Jewish people were isolated from other Jewish communities and were barely given enough money or more importantly, food to survive off of. They all stayed until being called off to concentration camps. At the concentration camps, they were forced to work daily even if they were sickly. Even people that had an advantage due to their job status were abused. Nobody was spared especially at the notorious Auschwitz concentration

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