Role Of Alcoholism In Australia

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Established in 1901, the Australian commonwealth was to be the beacon of reform. The founders sought to form a nation that valued human rights, Egalitarianism, and the observance of democracy. Australia was, in previous years looked at as a land of opportunity due to the enormity of land, and the wealth generated from farming and trade. Many people from European nations migrated to Australia for opportunity. The first settlers arrived in 1788 from Britain to set up outpost for a new penal colony. Over the course of eighty years, Australia became home to more than one hundred thousand convicts. These convicts later joined the general population when Britain ended its penal transportation program in 1868. With many men and women at its shores…show more content…
Unfortunately, progress brings with it a whole host of problems. Alcoholism has become an epidemic threatening Australia. Alcohol in Australia is cheap making it the most commonly used recreational drug. More than 1 in 5 Australians abuse alcohol. Men are two and a half times more likely than women to have alcohol abuse problems. Due to the accessibility and price, alcohol is also becoming a problem among Australia’s teenage population. In a study conducted in 2004, 25% of those aged 14-19 drink alcohol on a daily or weekly basis. The study also stated that 77% of boys in that age group consume high intensity beers, while 85% of girls of the same group consume liquors. There has been an increase of young people with alcohol problems in youth centers, police stations and hospitals in the past five years. Drinking alcohol is an escape from reality, a way to relax and way to have fun for many Australians (Australian Bureau of Statistics,…show more content…
Studies show that areas where alcohol is more accessible have a high rate of street and domestic violence. The most violent crimes committed are alcohol related. Alcohol abuse has been linked to the growing rate of child neglect and abuse, people taking time off from work, and trouble with the law. The misuse of alcohol claims the lives of many Australian men and women. A study conducted in 2004 showed that 3,100 people die each year and 72, 000 are hospitalized due to alcohol. Young Australians are becoming part of this statistic. Another study stated that one teen age 14-19 years dies every week due alcohol consumption. Australia also has one of the highest rates of alcohol disorders in the world. According to the national survey of health and wellbeing, 22% of people who over consume alcohol will develop alcohol use disorders (National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre, 2010). Another problem claiming Australian lives. With 36 billion spent annually on alcohol abuse, it is expedient that a solution be made to address this issue. Alcohol misuse problems can be improved by increasing taxes on alcohol. An increase of taxes will increase the price of alcohol, making it less accessible to people. This solution aims to reduce the rate of alcohol abuse and injury by half within the next 3 years. By addressing this matter, Australia can become the nation it set out to

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