Role of Ads Essay

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Topic: Present the role that advertising plays in promoting a new product. Choose a successful advertising campaign and analyze the key to success. “Doing business without adverting is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”, said Stewart Henderson Britt. Advertising is the act a company tells the public its product in order to encourage people to buy or use it. It has been used more and more popularly in doing business, especially in promoting a new product. The role of advertising can be looked at from position of sellers and buyers in which it functions in the first and second part; the last part is to analyze a successful advertising campaign. Advertising plays an important role in launching a new product. First of all, advertising is used by sellers as a marketing communication tool to convey information about new product to potential customers and to break into the market. Launching a new product is synonymous with this product in the market introduction stage and people aren’t looking for the product. The objective of advertising at that time is to create awareness among people who are strange with this product. By showing how show how a product fulfills a need better than others, advertiser want to encourage prospects to become customers. Therefore, it provides the lifeblood for primary success of the firm. The firm will try to develop a favorable set of attitudes so customers will buy and keep buying its product as they performs the persuading object of advertising which means. Then advertising affect buyer behavior and build demand for the new product. Consequently, the firm may fight off competition on the market. Advertising is meaningful not only with sellers but also with buyers. Secondly, the basic function of advertising is to disseminate product information that allows consumers to
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