Role of a Supervisor Essay

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The Role of a Supervisor Kyle D. Adams BUS114Principles of Supervision (AFQ1338A) Instructor: Robert Lucero October 20, 2013 The Role of a Supervisor Through out our society, the role of the supervisor can change from one organization to another. However, all the supervisor roles still have the fundamentals that every company needs; to be productive, create profits, set up discipline for their organization, and set to standards for the reputation of the organization. These selected individuals have to answer to the company, but they are also responsible for the development, implementation, and practice of the organizations activities, rules, and reputation. They understand the daily challenges of this role and how to effectively supervise employees and their daily tasks, while at the same time effectively completing their own daily tasks. Every employee enjoys having friends at work; talking about work, life, family. Having that one person or that group of individuals at work that one can relate too, can make ones work life easier and more satisfying to that employee. It has been quoted many times that work is an employee’s second home and not having a home that an employee can respect, grow, and be happy with can ultimately cause that employee to leave. For that, it was one of the responsibilities of the supervisor to keep a discipline, an atmosphere that is safe and agreeable, however is productive and profitable for this organization. Supervisors are expected to maintain the discipline that is wrote from the organization for several reason. Enforcing discipline keeps employees focused on the job at hand and enforcing that it remains productive and maintains a level playing field for all employees. Discipline also prevents any individual employees from performing prohibited activities while the others try to abide by the rules. A supervisor is

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