Role Models and Leaders

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In this essay I am going to describe and explain how I would go about managing my work priorities and professional development. Managing work priorities and professional development professionalism at work place is very significant part of management which needs strong analytical and verbal skills; I will be recounting, or reflecting upon experiences I have had during a specific event. To be able to manage my work priorities and professional development requires me to be a positive role model, a role model is one who can be respected, admired, expected in some ways by the employee in the organizations, to start off being a good role model I would need to build my confidence up by believing in Myself and being happy on who I am and what I have became, if I display that I have self esteem, those who look up to me will too. To ensure myself acted as a positive role model for my subordinates and others in workplace, I will follow the below guidelines: - Follow the Company Policy, all companies have different set of policy but the policies are there for you to obey, I will follow the policy of the company and set a good example to follow them as well. - Punctuality, In order to be a good role model, I have to punctual to work and to be early so that your subordinates can learn from you and you do not need to rushing around to organize the daily heavy task. - Good Leadership, I must have self-discipline and leadership skills. If I can't lead then I shouldn't be in charge. Good leadership means being communicative, diplomatic but at the same time courageous to say what you think. - Being Tidy And Organized, Being a good leader, must ensure tidy and organized and show others a good example and practice. I am showing my employees that tidiness brings efficiency so you can stay on track and not get distracted from the other stuff on your desk. As a leader I

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