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Morgan Lampe Art Appreciation MWF 8 am September 13, 2009 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly The subject matter includes the main character, Jean-Dominique Bauby, who was a French journalist and the editor-in-chief of Elle. One morning he woke up and realized he couldn’t make himself speak or move. He suffered a stroke which leaves him with locked-in syndrome which means he cannot move or speak, but he can hear and understand everything that is going on around him. Other important characters include his therapists Henriette and Marie, his wife Celine who was really hurt by the way he has treated her throughout the years, and finally his elderly father Papinou. The film follows Jean-Do as he tells his story with the blink of one eye, and it includes flashbacks of what his life was like before the stroke. The form of the movie includes the music in it. There is classical music during the parts when he is floating under the ocean in a scuba-diving suit. It is a metaphor for his locked-in syndrome. The color in the movie is weird which makes everything seem darker and hospital-like. The movie does not go in order; it begins when Jean-Do wakes from his coma in the hospital and realizes what has happened. There are flashbacks of what his life was like before the stroke, including time spent with his father, and a trip he took with his mistress. It also includes scenes that are sort of fantasies for Jean-Do, including an incredible meal shared his therapist and an appearance by Empress Eugenie. The point of view is entirely from Jean-Do’s perspective, the audience can hear his thoughts and his ideas and his perspective on the situations. The content includes the message of the film which has to do with strength of character. At first Jean-Do doesn’t want to try the blinking system for communication because he thinks it will take too

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