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mohamed mohamed Cwv-101 March 23rd 2014 James Johnson Jesus Reflection Essay In this passages that I was really fascinated about solely talks about the miracles of Jesus Christ. A miracle as it is defined in our current dictionaries, is a phenomenal or supernatural event in the world. It is called a miracle because it surpasses all known humanly possible natural powers. So when I read about them it took me a long time to be able to understand. I kept reading and went back and forth between the New Testament and the old one. That is when I read about the other miracles God was able to do. Though Jesus was not the only one that could do miracle, still I was so much interested at reading more about them so that I could understand more in depth. These miracles are well beyond comprehension talked about in the book of Mark 5 and John 11. Jesus was able to do so much for us including but not limited to making us grow closer to God. The miracles were very diverse and almost always like charity to his people. These miracles were almost very kind of Jesus to demonstrate to us. His kindness showed through them and it made people around him safe. For example, his miracle included the controlling of nature and calming the water. Then there was the healing of individuals. When he heals the blind man. Also was the raising of the dead. All of this miracles plus his teaching made it easy for people to understand his purpose and who he was in general. When we talk about death and resurrection in terms of Jesus it seems like thought God is demonstrating once again one of his godly acts towards us. The death of Jesus, in this part of Jesus life as the Son of God was a little unexpected. So Jesus is executed by crucifixion, and this is on Friday. Though the son of God dies for our sins and many don’t think of It much and are thinking he was not who he said he was.

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