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ROLES AND FUNCTIONS Roles and Functions In health care there always needs to be a manager who has knowledge in management and has the abilities to be a manager in the health care field. With a manager running a health care office that uses these traits on a day-to- day basis is more likely to succeed and have a better work atmosphere. First thing a health care manager needs to do is make sure he or she can adjust to the ways this company needs him or her to. The manager has to be ready to make the requirements to help the patient population increase. Managers are not just responsible for their leadership, or decision-making, but coordination, and supervising. A manager is more efficient should be able to develop a quality work environment, should be responsible, and have the knowledge of the value of a varied workplace as well as other functions that help bring about an efficient manager. Every manager has different functions he or she provides the company throughout the day but managers should be able to manage efficiently using the management process, be responsible for him or her and others as well, be efficient in time management techniques, networking, knowing, and helping the division of intellectual capital and other requirements of successful management. In order for a manager to accomplish these tasks, a manager needs to be aware of his or her surroundings and the type of business atmosphere, along with the people that involve the different modifications; an example would be the workers and the people who directly or indirectly influence its accomplishments, who are the stakeholders. With the advancements in technology the manager also needs to understand the variety of these technologies. Looking at the different types of services technology can provide in the health care field can help bring in more patients. The manager has to make sure he or she is

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