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Have you ever felt like you were always doing the same thing and wanted to try something new? I was once in that position and wanted to find something that I would enjoy. I have never done anything as a child, no sports or singing, but ever since I was little I have always wanted to be some sort of a dancer, like a ballerina. I was always shy and didn’t think I was able to do it and wanted to bloom away from being shy, so I enrolled in a jazz dance class in high school. My siblings would say, “you dancing?! Get out of here!” My best friends said, “I’ve never thought you would dance.” Even though I got negative feedback about dancing, I just went on with what I have always wanted to do because I felt like I didn’t really do much with my life and dancing seemed to interest me the most. Dancing plays one of the main roles in my life that there are many responsibilities and honor I experience. Narrative When I was in middle school, my cousins, who were in high school, would always come over because I lived right across the street from their high school. Every day after school, I would always watch my cousins practice dancing for their jazz dance class. Watching them dance, I felt their enjoyment and passion they put into dancing, which made me want to become a dancer. Watching their eloquent, soft moves like their pirouette turn that caught my attention, I was amazed and felt at eased. Wishing that I can move like them, I observed very closely and secretly tried to copy them. Thinking I was doing the pirouette turn and hoping they wouldn’t see me, I ended up getting dizzy by twirling around and falling. Their moves were definitely not as easy as it looks. They saw me fall and asked, “What happened? What did you do?” Feeling embarrassed and turning red, I wanted to run away, but told them, “I was trying to dance like you guys.” They chuckled, picked me up on my feet,

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