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Rohm and Haas Case Write Up 1) What is Kathon MWX really worth to users? (.5 - .75pg) Kathon MWX was developed to kill bacteria and fungi in tanks under 1000 gallons, and is meant to save the customers money and time, but also provide convenience and safety. This product extends the life of fluids, allowing the customer to save money on new fluid, metalworking fluid concentrate, and waste disposal. These cost savings are described in detail in Table 1. By extending the life of fluids, the customer also saves time on draining and refilling fluid tanks, thus reducing downtime. Not only is it more convenient for customers to decrease downtime, but Kathon MWX is easy to use and requires no upkeep as it does the hard work of maintaining the customer's tank. Customers simply hook it and forget it for up to one month as it cleans. Unlike its competitors, Kathon MWX kills both bacteria and fungi, works with 70% of metalworking fluids, and eliminates odor, stains, and potential corrosion. 2) Why isn't MWX selling? (.5 - .75pg) Kathon MWX is not selling because, either customers aren’t aware of the product or customers do not see a need for biocides. MWX is a "maintenance" biocide, meaning it would not work with the initial concentrate, thus it was not going to sell as part of that market. When customers are making initial purchases for their metalworking business they may forget to buy products for extending the life of their fluids. If customers are visiting their local industrial "supermarket" these facilities do not display MWX prominently and the 14 person sales force dedicated to this product are unable to educate large numbers of sales reps and end-users on the benefits of MWX. Most biocide maintenance products only work with 45% of metalworking fluids; if customers had a bad experience with these products they may not think it is a product useful for their

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