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Roger Goodell, and his current mistakes he has made as the commissioner of the NFL. Roger Goodell can't get anything right, and it just doesn't matter NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he is taking his time deciding what to do about Tom Brady because he wants to make sure the process is “fair and open.” The words “fair” and “open” are uncomplicated ones, and yet here we sit waiting for a leader who has never shown much interest in the actual meaning of either. Goodell will surely cut Brady’s four-game suspension. It was a wild over-reaction in the first place to a minor offense the league had rarely been checking for, anyway. Brady and Peyton Manning asked for the ability to manipulate footballs prior to games back in 2006 and the NFL acquiesced without bothering to put in a strict protocol…show more content…
Bob Kraft, the Patriots’ owner and an avowed Goodell supporter, has at times appeared to be incensed by the league’s actions. Other times he has hung with Goodell on a quiet sofa, then hugged him. The Patriots released a 20,000-word rebuttal of the NFL report indicting them, but aren’t bothering to fight the penalties handed down. You can just smell the scotch and cologne and money and back-room dealing. Much like Goodell’s reaction to the league’s domestic violence problem, the way “Deflategate” has unfolded feels more like a public relations campaign than it does the urgent business of the country’s most popular league being dealt with fairly and openly. Does the NFL believe the Patriots committed an egregious act of cheating? Does it believe one of the best QBs of all time is a deliberate cheater deserving a suspension equal to taking steroids? It will be hard to know once Goodell has finished obscuring this. Kraft can pay his lawyers to create a sprawling document proving the team’s innocence but gives in to league punishment anyway because, in the end, this is all beside the

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