Roger Chillingworth's Transformation Analysis

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“D”: Roger Chillingworth Roger Chillingworth, Hester Prynne’s, deformed husband, slowly transforms into what many call the Black Man. Chillingworth’s transformation, ultimately detrimental to Reverend Dimmesdale’s health, began once he questioned the reverend about sin, and his obsession did not, “set him free again until he had done all” of his searching (117). He leeched info out of poor Dimmesdale every day until, “there was a fiend at his elbow” his own self (155)! Chill., hired to help nurse Dimm. back to health, actually took more years off his life. Never letting up, he continued to poke and prod, seeking revenge. Chillingworth had to transform the way he thought, form a medical aspect of thinking to a devious one. Chill. may not

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