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Chapter 23 Review and Assessment 2. Roe vs. Wade- a landmark social and legal change in 1937, concerning legalizing abortion. 4. Migrant farm worker- exploited workers who traveled from farm to farm providing labors. 6. Autonomy- self government 8. Woodstock festival- a hippie festival in 1964 with an enormous number of people that went on for two days with many big folk and rock stars. 10. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - created as an independent federal agency to administer laws that effect the environment 12. An amendment needs 38 states to ratify it to become a law. 30 of these states ratified it immediately which caused an uproar and opposition. This opposition caused it to not have the total number of states it needed.…show more content…
At the Almont festival 300,000 people gathered for a concert by the Rolling Stones, which ended in violence and the death of one man. 20. Ralph Nader’s targets were consumer effort and automobile danger. 22. They all addressed equal rights and discrimination. These groups wanted to be treated the same as everyone else with the same rights. These movements came to eb known as the civil rights movement. 24. Overpopulation is a current environmental issue “where an organism's numbers exceed the carrying capacity of its habitat. In common parlance, the term usually refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment, the Earth.” IT is causing deforestation and starvations but we have to grow. Our population growth rate is increasing at a steady rate. We cant really lower the growth rate but we can build more cities where many people can live. 26. They are Native Americans and they represent the current Native Americans who are on the reservations. 28. C. To make radical changes in order to gain self determination. 30. “The event was so much bigger than the music. It was a phenomenon. It was absolutely a phenomenon. And it was also the most peaceful, civilized gathering that was probably happening on the planet at the

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