Rodney King Case

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On March 2, 1991, Rodney King, an African American male, had been detected speeding by police while driving down the 210 freeway in Los Angeles. King was on parole at the time and under the influence of alcohol, so in an effort to avoid being caught violating parole, attempted to flee from police resulting in a high speed police chase. A bystander who lived nearby managed to record most of the incident that had pursued from there. The two passengers in the vehicle with King were cooperative when officers had placed them under arrest, however the officers quickly decided that King was uncooperative and resisting arrest. Rodney King was shot twice with a taser gun and then beat over 56 times with their batons before being taken into custody. It was believed that Rodney King was the victim of police brutality because of his African-American race. This incident being caught on tape quickly surfaced the media and was being viewed all over the world.…show more content…
After seven days of jury deliberation, on April 29, 1992, all four officers were acquitted of the charges they were facing. The African-American community in Los Angeles had already felt strongly that the police were guilty of racial profiling and abuse. Immediately following news of the trial, thousands of people in the Los Angeles area began rioting, which lasted for six days and ended up being one of the biggest riots in history in the United States, later became known as the “1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest” and “Rodney King Uprising”. Fifty-three deaths, over two thousand people injured, and property damages of close to one billion dollars were just some of the unfortunate events caused during these six days of rioting. After six days, the U.S. Army, the Marines, and the National Guard were able to restore
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